Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quicken Player Is It Worth It To Buy A Netbook?

Is it worth it to buy a Netbook? - quicken player

I mainly worked as a journalist, and internet related, but I want Quicken, right, MS Word and watch DVDs while on leave (sometimes).

I would like to add a portable DVD player, but it is worth? Should I with a normal laptop? Atom processors can perform this task?


(CPD) Computer Programmer Dream said...

I went with the Dell Mini 9 to get an external Hardrive for your business in the economy is to save. I would say that the MacBook Air, but you need to run Windows programs. So I finally said that the Dell Mini 9th Custimize And if you get a portable CD / DVD to get in touch. Good luck!

hellow said...

Simply use the free
It worked for me, I have a MacBook last week and the excellent work
But it took about a week to get all the documents from when you might need faster than you want to waste money buying a

Jerry J said...

I want a full-size laptop, not because most laptops come with a CD drive, keyboard and small screen. You can not play on DVD because it has a device

Smith T said...

Notebooks under $ 500
http://astore.amazon.com/worth.notebook- ...

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