Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best Bald Spot Concealer How Did My Cat Get A Bald Spot And What Does It Mean?

How did my cat get a bald spot and what does it mean? - best bald spot concealer

I just noticed that my cat has a new half-dollar from the size of the hips will soon. No red spots on skin, hair simply missing. I see no way this could happen! The place is actually a perfect circle, and none of it. Please let me know if you have an idea of what must be one. Since Easter is the vet is closed, and I'll call tomorrow, but for now I'm a little nervous, and I would love some help. Thank you!


MaggieO said...

It could be something like alopecia .. Moth ... but it could be something as simple as stress ... I really do not know ... but feel free to check it tomorrow ASAP! Good luck!

Jonela said...

When I had my cat tufts of hair missing, and I thought that the hard life of living on the street, but unfortunately it is lichen and get catch) (. When you light up a black light, have ringworm, but I suggest you take the kitten to the vet tomorrow. Good luck.

fredthed... said...

I would say another cat, Tom. He was out of hand?

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