Saturday, January 16, 2010

Financial Advisor Atlanta Can You Be A Financial Advisor Without Cold Calling?

Can you be a financial advisor without cold calling? - financial advisor atlanta

I am very interested in financial advice, but do not want to anger the people and find the trouble to customers. Is it possible, a financial consultant, but have not build a customer base from scratch?


kitten said...

You could buy existing customers of retirement to assist. Contact advisor in your area and see if you can shadow or in support of their customers and then get to you if you accept.

googlema... said...

To avoid cold calls to: Online - Get a website or blog and the advice line - practice in Yahoo Answers:) and let people come to you ....

To avoid building a customer base from scratch? With family and friends, as the customers first ... Word of mouth still works!

Fatty said...

This is a very good question.

I work with a trace of a few. Consultant on the market and that is what I found. "Cold calling is not effective. You can make calls and 4000 eligible for a 0 answer from him. I work with them on other marketing methods are effective but relatively expensive, even for those who believe that probably is not ideal.

So, what can work? Networking and referrals. Join a great group of networks and the people are aware that you are helping to build your pool of potential customers. Done right can be very powerful.

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