Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glandular Fever More Condition_treatment How Contagious Is Glandular Fever And For How Long?

How contagious is glandular fever and for how long? - glandular fever more condition_treatment

I felt very tired and I had a sore throat in the last 3 weeks. After 3 weeks to go, I hope to see a doctor and she told me that the infectious mononucleosis. = [
Since I had for 3 weeks and there is no real treatment for others to relax and relieve the pain, then how long will I be contagious and for how long the last real disease?

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Sarah said...

Hey - I had a fever gladnular for 3 weeks - began with a painful swelling of the glands in the legs, then on the day of sorrow, all my muscles expand - so sick and exhausted. Fever. Nausea, headache, he even had an enlarged spleen and liver of him and landed in the hospital for 2 days. Loss of appetite. In the last week I tonsilitus seriously. In the worst case, I had no right to pain relief that the virus from my abnormal liver function. I felt absolutely terrible that the virus had the most terrible experience.

As early as 3 weeks to feel, and I start to normal - I quickly tired, but apart from that I think im ok!

The virus is different for everyone - only a week or 3 years (my two boys 3 years as they are in me ).... They are most infectious when they have a fever, but I've heard and read that there may be contagious for a few months after you start to feel good and can do in the saliva.

Hope this helps, and I really hope you feel better soon, Bless you.

3 and I weeks

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