Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadian Merchant Account Can I Delete My Account With Craigslist And Start Over Again With New Account?

Can I delete my account with Craigslist and start over again with new account? - canadian merchant account

I had 4 adds dissable by craigslist staff. I've done nothing wrong in the short to reveal the location of the elements.

Objects found in Thailand, but I sell in the U.S., real Adidas Soccer T-shirts, merchandise with original tags.

For this reason, I can not do something because it is the composition of holding me, because the keywords that you specified in the item title and description ...

I'm not a spammer, and the items are authentic and high quality.

I have a record 100% eBay feedback, and although I live in Thailand, I am a Canadian citizen with a Visa merchant account, etc. Perfect BBB record, etc, etc. ....

This excess of zeal "moderator" is to undermine my sincere efforts.

I call, or simply close the account and open another and start anew?

Are they still "my flag" to me the descriptions and titles in a different account?

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robodude... said...

Hello, you are paid advertising or free. My impression is that they are free. Yes, of course, you can close your account and start posting.

If you are selling in the United States and live here, do not indicate that the population in Thailand.

This seems a strange question. There's more to this question, you said.

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