Sunday, January 17, 2010

Go Karts Cincinnati What Is An Open Go-kart Race In Dayton, Ohio?

What is an open go-kart race in Dayton, Ohio? - go karts cincinnati

my friend in August and they build a go-kart this summer. We want to race. NoE when someone opens up the go-kart track in Southern Ohio (Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc.) will tell.


ra64t34 said...

There are some go-kart track in a few hours from this area. It is a popular go-kart track in New Castle, Indiana, who heads an unlimited category. I do not know the details are of his kart, but no doubt the assumption that it is a kind of go-karts, they do not take to be competitive, though!

kyle s said...

If you meet the specifications of almost 35 Raceway in Frankfurt

Gibby Girl said...

Sorry I Have not seen in the region. but I'm sure some of r!

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