Saturday, January 30, 2010

Very Young Prostitutes What Happens Later To These "not Pretty And Young Anymore" Prostitutes?

What happens later to these "not pretty and young anymore" prostitutes? - very young prostitutes

I would like first hand, here I could just speculating.
There are a number of 20 years. Prostitution of minors in my city this summer. What later by girls, as easy money is gone and the look is beginning to fade?


Mike K said...


I met a few. Unfortunately, some cases of overdose or death for the kidnapping and murder. Others get their act together and return to school to learn new skills and crafts. Some of their firsthand experience and be social workers or youth workers.


Michael Kelly

Southern Crescent said...

Many die from sexually transmitted diseases, and many died from diseases associated with drugs.


.. old and ugly idk but probably a prostitute, but not to make simple, the same amount of money .. many of them are addicted to drugs or end with a venereal disease, or death ...

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