Friday, January 8, 2010

Outboard Gas Tank I Have A Fitch Evinrude Outboard Motor 115. I Had Water In My Gas Tank,i Thought,i Toally ,pump It Out.?

I have a fitch evinrude outboard motor 115. i had water in my gas tank,i thought,i toally ,pump it out.? - outboard gas tank

put more fuel in the tank, the motor is working fine, but when I give some acted very slowly, suggestions for what? and thanks for all the answers


Richard C said...

Need to rebuild the carburetor. Then use the put up a box of carbon in your engine. Use only 1 point. TC-W3 oil on 6 liters of fuel and the use of high-test, if possible. If you have a tank-6 gallons for use to ensure that the fuel is good. Sometimes the fuel pump will not solve the problem. Check Collection Tube and all filters.

brendong... said...

They have water in the bowl of carbs.
It is a brass plug in the bottom of the cup, the container as the carbohydrates are identified it down and is softer than other carbohydrates.
The brass plug is of the cup on the low side.
Remove the cap, the liquid run of carbohydrates, install the cap. Now try to start the engine.
Must be nice, until you water again.
______________________________________ ...
I bet that an old engine.
I bet it is not FI
I bet you never give me a thumbs down is not an engineer, like me!
Good day!

jtexas said...

To empty, remove the tank and refill with fresh fuel, or simply trying to water? For, if a mixture of ethanol, ethanol and water, lots of fuel with much lower energy.

Injectors could get dirty - check fuel pressure.

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