Friday, January 15, 2010

Carton Furniture When Your An Old Lady Will You Do This To Your Kids?

When your an old lady will you do this to your kids? - carton furniture

If I am an old woman
I will live with each child,
and bring so much happiness,
like them.

I would like to
all the joy they made available,
once every game, oh!
it will be very excited.

I will write on the walls, with
red, white and blue
and move the furniture
to wear my shoes.
I drink on board
then he should.
I go to the toilet all the things
and oh, how they will cry.
If your phone is in the
and out of reach,
I walk into things
like sugar and bleach.
Oh, it will snap my fingers
and shake their heads
and once this is done,
I hide under the bed.

While cooking dinner
and encourages me to eat,
I do not eat my green beans,
Salad or meat.

I gag on my okra,
spilled milk on the table
and as angry
I will ... If I am able.

I am watching television,
by I & # 039 Click, ll.
I'll cross both eyes,
and see whether to keep it.

I'll take off my socks
and a step away
and play in the mud
until the end of the day.

And later in bed,
I got to come and sing.
I thank God in prayer
then you close your eyes.

My kids watch
with a smile slowly creeping,
and say with a sigh,
"She is so sweet
when she's asleep "

(Author unknown)


chocolat... said...

I need to change diapers
And pop with a lot of gas
Hopefully it will be very good
the destruction of my ............

♥Kazz♥ said...

Lol love it! I send my parents now:)

bowsgirl... said...

Gosh, I hope you do not

nice_lib... said...

Now that's something! Really really nice!
This is really awesome! I show my wife! We will do together when we get older!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem! You made my day!

tobysmom... said...

Not really. I think it is a funny poem, but hopefully the time I'm old, I'm mature enough to understand in order that the children so many things, and I will not hold it against him. they have to do their own children.

wait, I am the elder. ru?

lived and learned said...

That's awesome!

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